Shiba Inu: SHIB Digital ID All Set For October Debut

Sep 29, 2023 | Events, Memecoin News, Shiba Inu Coin




Shiba Inu: SHIB Digital ID All Set For October Debut

If you’re a fan of Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, get ready for some big news! The Shiba Inu Shibarium blockchain is gearing up to introduce a brand-new service called ShibariumID. This cool feature will make it easier for people to name things in the Shib world using special Shib names. It’s like giving your favorite websites a Shib twist!

ShibariumID Makes Naming Easy

ShibariumID is like a magic tool that will let regular Shib investors name things on the internet in a special way. You won’t have to be a computer expert to do it. They’re making it super simple. Plus, it’s going to work really smoothly with the Shib blockchain, which is awesome!

No More Confusion

When you want to give a special name to something on the internet, it can be confusing. But ShibariumID is here to fix that! It will help you find cool names and check if they’re available. And once you pick a name, you can easily take care of it in one place. You can see all your names, renew them when needed, and make sure you own them, all in one spot.

Trading Names with ShibariumID

But that’s not all! ShibariumID will also let people trade their special names. It’s like collecting cool things and then swapping them with friends. This will make Shiba Inu names even more valuable and fun!

A Big Step for Shibarium

This launch is a big deal for Shibarium, which started just last August. ShibariumID is the first of its kind, and it’s going to be a major part of the Shiba Inu blockchain. So, stay tuned to see how it all works out in the next few weeks. It’s going to make using Shiba Inu even better!

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