Shiba Inu Lead Dev Teases Secret AI Program with Bad Idea AI

Oct 6, 2023 | News



Shiba Inu Lead Dev Teases Secret AI Program with Bad Idea AI

Shiba Inu’s authentic AI partner, Bad Idea AI (BAD), explores the intersection of AI evolution and human development. In a current improvement, Shiba Inu’s enigmatic lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, engaged in discussions with Bad Idea, the venture’s AI collaborator. Taking to Telegram, Kusama commended the devoted group at Bad Idea and dropped a tantalizing trace approximately upcoming AI tasks for SHIB.

Kusama disclosed plans for each “secret and now not so mystery AI initiatives for SHIB,” with a special point out of Mr. LightSpeed, a distinguished member of the BAD group. This statement follows a remarkable month for BAD, with a 39.5% earnings recorded within the final 30 days and an extra five% upswing within the remaining 24 hours.

1. Unveiling the Inaugural BAD Initiative

The emergence of an AI-primarily based memecoin arrives amidst a backdrop of regulatory scrutiny inflicting losses for plenty opportunity currencies. Launched just three months in the past, BAD injects a sparkling attitude into the altcoin panorama because the first meme coin fused with AI and DAO.

It introduces a new initiative called “CONAIHA”, an acronym for “The Consortium of AI for Humanity’s Advancement.” This lighthearted utopian collective incorporates crypto lovers with expertise in artificial intelligence and device mastering.

The strategic ties among BAD and SHIB Token have yielded wonderful results. Firstly, a Swiss blockchain device producer announced the introduction of a BAD-branded crypto wallet, following the success of the SHIB orange card-fashioned cold pockets made by using Tangem.

Secondly, Shibarium’s bodily studio Shibacals prepares to unveil BAD-themed products. Crypto fanatics can utilize Shiba Inu’s digital studio to personalize their products with a lot of BAD and SHIB imagery. Notably, BAD secured its inaugural list on a chief alternate at LBank.Com, opening doorways to a broader target audience for this memecurrency.

These tendencies mark an intriguing convergence of AI, memecoins, and the Shiba Inu surroundings, hinting at interesting prospects for the future.

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