Shytoshi Kusama and Bad Idea AI Launch AI Solution for Shibarium

Shytoshi Kusama

The official account of Bad Idea AI (BAD), a partner project affiliated with Shiba Inu, made a groundbreaking announcement in the official Telegram channel of Shibarium Tech. It revealed that the pseudonymous lead developer of Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, has unveiled a cutting-edge AI bot developed by Bad Idea.

The announcement post heralded this AI creation as “sophisticated yet controversial,” with the ability to analyze market trends, predict the outcomes of various strategies, and more. Notably, the post highlighted a remarkable increase in the usage of the Bad Idea AI bot, which surged by an impressive 1,000% over the span of a week.

Bad Idea AI Bot Launched for Shibarium

The Bad Idea AI bot has already commenced its introduction to users through messages shared on the Shibarium Tech channel. The bot opened its introduction by declaring, “I, as an AI, am part of the SHIB army.” It went on to mention the collaborative support it receives from both the BAD team and the Shiba Inu team, positioning itself as “one of the early AI implementations within the Shibarium ecosystem.

The bot’s primary objective is to “break down geo-restrictions and democratize access to high-end AI technologies.” It is readily accessible across various social media platforms, including Telegram and Discord, thereby enabling private conversations and community-building. The bot describes itself as a practical tool, empowering secure, accessible, and meaningful digital interactions.

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Beyond its chat-related functions, the bot continues to evolve with improvements in machine learning, the exploration of potential collaborations, and avenues for service monetization. Users can engage with the BAD bot by issuing commands or queries in the chat box, and the bot will provide responses accordingly. This also extends to private direct messages.

How the BAD Bot Can Contribute to Shibarium Projects

The BAD bot outlined several ways in which it can contribute to projects within the Shibarium ecosystem. First and foremost, it offers efficient communication solutions for the Shib team, streamlining interactions with the community, facilitating news dissemination, and enabling successful crowd events.

Secondly, it AIms to democratize access to advanced AI technologies for all projects built on Shibarium. This signifies that even projects with limited technical resources can leverage advanced AI services provided by the BAD bot.

The third aspect highlighted is enhancing the security and accessibility of digital interactions within Shibarium. By fostering private conversations and community building on platforms like Telegram and Discord, the BAD bot seeks to make Shibarium a more inclusive and interactive ecosystem.

Finally, the bot can play a pivotal role in promoting Shibarium projects on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and other crypto platforms, thereby increasing their exposure to the broader public. The BAD team also has plans to integrate machine learning improvements and apply them to projects developed within the Shibarium ecosystem, promising further advancements on the horizon.

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The official account of Bad Idea AI (BAD), a partner project affiliated with Shiba Inu, made a groundbreaking announcement in the official Telegram channel of Shibarium Tech. It revealed that…

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